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by Admin user123 May 07 2023

What is and how does indirect marketing work?

Indirect marketing is formed by a set of techniques to capture customers in a very subtle way and through the transmission of valuable content. By this we mean that, with these strategies,
That is, the media helps them develop the relationship between the company and the target audience. Some example of indirect marketing can be a TV or radio ad, digital marketing or viral marketing.

Thus, the mode of communication of this technique is not based on one-to-one communication, but first a focus is made to make yourself known to increase customer loyalty. Thus, when companies use indirect marketing, they use media technology.

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Advantages of indirect marketing

  • 1. Increase brand reputation
  • 2. Stand out from your competitors
  • 3. Establish a long-term relationship with your customers
  • 4. Strengthen your relationship with people who are already customers
  • 5. Attract new customers

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